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Buy property on the popular island of Cyprus

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Mäklarringen Cyprus

Cyprus is the pearl of the eastern Mediterranean

Do you want more than 320 days of sunshine a year, crystal clear waters and gorgeous beaches? Then Cyprus is the place for you! Buying property abroad means you can easily swap the cold winters of Northern Europe for warmer climes. And on Cyprus, you'll also get exquisite food, exciting sights and a relaxed way of life.

Many Swedes have already discovered the joy of buying a property in Cyprus. The island offers you a great Mediterranean climate with long, warm summers and short, comfortable winters, with only a handful of rainy days. The average temperature at the height of summer alternates between 30 and 40 degrees and the winters are mild. Out in the countryside, you will find all sorts of citrus fruits,  and melons being grown, as well as luscious olive groves. Along the mountains and beaches, you can enjoy the gorgeous smells of eucalyptus, acacia and pine tree. Quite simply idyllic.

Quality and high standards are two key terms that we live by here at Mäklarringen. Among other things, this means that we offer the best properties for sale in Cyprus.

We are your real estate agent in Cyprus

Mäklarringen's office in Cyprus is run by Theresa Engfors, who has many years experience with the property market in northern Cyprus. Theresa and her staff have built up a professional network of partners all across Cyprus over the years.

We guide you right to the area, place and property that you are looking for. Our real estate agents have a solid level of knowledge on the areas where we sell, and many, many years of experience. Together with our partners, Mäklarringen Cypurs will be by your side throughout the whole process. Our staff are very knowledgeable about the areas they sell in after many years of experience in their own specialised areas. We can also recommend great lawyers in order to securely and reassuringly guide you through the purchase or sale of your property abroad.

We believe in great customer care, honesty and fair trading practices. With us, you can feel secure throughout the entire purchasing process.

You are very welcome to get in touch with us at Mäklarringen Cyprus! You can reach us by phone at 070-580 62 38 or send an e-mail to

We are your real estate agents in Cyprus

Theresa Engfors Kontorsägare, partner Mäklarringen Cypern
070-580 62 38 Mejla
Margareta Lindén Koordinator, säljare Sverige/Norge Mäklarringen Cypern
+90 533 826 55 26 Mejla
Fredrik Julander Säljare Sverige Mäklarringen Cypern
070-778 11 50 Mejla
Madeleine Hunter Koordinator & Säljare Mäklarringen Cypern
031-3608586 Mejla
Jourun Hunnes Säljchef Norge Mäklarringen Cypern
+47 92097519 Mejla

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Fri värdering

Mäklarringen hanterar dina personuppgifter i enlighet med aktuell lagstiftning. För vidare information se här.