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Algarve – wonderful sandy beaches, golf and gorgeous nature

If you want to buy property abroad, then the Algarve's amazing coast with its breath-taking cliffs, golden beaches, sculpted bays and sandy islands is the place for you. The Algarve is known as Europe's leading beach destination thanks to its World Travel Award and it is also one of the world's most beautiful provinces.

The Algarve is a truly fascinating region, known for the diversity in its landscapes. Located in southern Portugal and boasting a coastline that stretches out for more than 200 kilometres, the Algarve is home to some of Europe's cleanest and most picturesque sandy beaches. With more than 300 days of sunshine each year and clear blue skies, the Algarve is the perfect place to spend your holidays or to buy a property you can enjoy all year round.

Facts about the Algarve

Wherever you go, the colours of the mountains and the sea will always be close by, giving the impression of a water colour painting. The region is penetrated by the smell of the sea at low tide and the scent of wild flowers. The best way to get to know this part of the region is to stroll through its narrow streets, alleys and wnding staircases. But you can also easily lose yourself in its endless coastline. Here you can enjoy a backdrop of beautiful beaches, where you can admire the jagged coast and the playful shadows that the cliffs cast on the sand.

After being wowed by the landscape, you can then discover the aromas and tastes of traditional Algarve cuisine, which will be sure to draw you back time and time again. Enjoy sumptuous servings of fish and seafood, or traditional mountain fare made from locally produced meat and vegetables. You'll also find famous regional delicacies such as figs, almonds, carob tree and cognac made from locally grown Arbutus plants and distilled in the mountains in old copper barrels.

Impressive architecture and activities for all

When you travel to the Algarve – to the midst of its hills and plains filled with places of huge ecological interest, rich in biodiversity and home to many different ecosystems – you will feel as if you are passing through a land of many different traditions, unchanged over hundreds of years. You will encounter handicraft which is expertly produced by local craftsmen who use the same techniques as their ancestors to produce exceptional ranges of ceramic, woven baskets, cups, brassware, and other items made from linen and jute.

The region's architectonic heritage is something you absolutely have to see. The whitewashed architecture of the houses, with their light coloured trims and beautiful chimneys, the churchs' clock towers and all of the many museums reveal a host of special memories from the Algarve's ancestors and help transform the area into a truly special destination.

We are your real estate agent in the Algarve

Just a stone's throw away from the tranquillity of the inner region, you will find the Algarve's buzzing and exciting night life. Bars, clubs, marinas and casinos guarantee top quality entertainment for all types of visitors. Moreover, there is always a wide range of events and festivals on offer all year round. Families can enjoy some of the best water and amusement parks in Europe, as well as zoos and boat trips along the breath-taking coast. There is also a wide range of sports on offer – everything from hiking, sightseeing, mountain biking and four-wheel drives through to mastering speed boats, car gatherings, motocross competitions, sailing, surfing, tennis, horseback riding, kayaking, kitesurfing, mountain climbing, wakeboarding, golfing and much, much more. And no matter whether you prefer playing golf on lush greens or enjoying another type of exercise at one of the region's exceptional facilities, on the coast or up in the mountains, you can always do so while enjoying the magical sight of vitreous felt that appears when the almond trees come into bloom after the winter.

You are very welcome to come and talk to us here at Mäklarringen about what it's like to live in the Algarve!

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Carina Lundquist van Riet Kontorsägare Mäklarringen Algarve
+351 916 438 677 Mejla


Mäklarringen's real estate office in the Algarve, southern Portugal, is represented by Carina Lundqvist and Pedro van Riet. Carina and Pedro found each other in the Almancil area on the sunny Algarve coast, which is where they still live and work together.

Carina came to the Algarve after having travelled all over the world and having lived for many years in Hawaii and California, where she graduated university. She realised that it would be tough for her to return to the colder and shorter days of Stockholm in the winter and so opted instead to move "half-way home" to the Algarve. Pedro, who originally trained in the hotel industry in the Netherlands, has always wanted to live in warmer climes and jumped at the chance to become a chef at a new restaurant in the Algarve more than 30 years ago.

Living in paradise with guaranteed sunshine

The couple ran past each other 26 years ago and that was that! They realised it was time to settle down and start building a future. They began selling properties, mostly in the well-known towns of Vale do Lobo and Quinta do Lago, and in the surrounding areas. Their business grew steadily into a company that is now involved in many different areas, from the sale of properties and summer rentals through to the maintenance of villas, gardens and pools and the provision of cleaning and renovation services. Thanks to Carina's knowledge of fashion and design, the couple can even offer complete interiordecoration projects.

With her more than 28 years of experience working in the property market in the Algarve, Carina represents Mäklarringen in the area. Compared with Spain, the Algarve is still a relatively calm and undiscovered area and a paradise for anyone who wants wide, white beaches and a great selection of golf courses. The Algarve is located by the beginning of the Mediterranean sea but is still on the Atlantic coast. Its food, and especially its seafood, is among the best in Europe. It guarantees more than 3000 hours of sunshine and our new offices offer a wide range of properties – from luxurious villas with fantastic sea views located right by the green through to romantic farmhouses in the mountains or quality apartments within walking distance from the town and the beach. We have it all!

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