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Costa del Sol attracts buyers with the best climate in Europe

The Costa del Sol, or the Sunshine Coast as it would be known in English, is a 160 kilometre-long stretch of coast beginning at Nerja in the east and ending at La Duquesa just outside Estepona in the west. It is a place where many Swedes choose to buy property.

On the Costa del Sol, you can enjoy the best climate in Europe with more than 300 days of sunshine and long, fantastic beaches. You'll find the beautiful port city of Málaga, the luxurious town of Marbella with its well-known port of Puerto Banús, the rugged coastal town of Nerja, sunny Fuengirola with its incredible eight-kilometre-long sandy beach, smaller charming towns such as the cosy La Cala, white-washed towns like Mijas and the charming fishing village of La Duquesa.

Live close to the airport and keep the family active on the Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, offering not just sun and sea, but also plenty of activities for the whole family to enjoy. There are more than 50 golf courses, a wide range of hotels and shops, restaurants, tapas bars with exciting menus, waterparks in several areas, zoos and even two Swedish schools for Swedes planning to make a permanent move.

The Costa del Sol also offers an exceptionally beautiful natural environment with opportunities to go skiing down the world-class slopes of Sierra Nevada or to take daytrips to Gibraltar or the north coast of Africa. Málaga Airport is one of the most accessible airports in Southern Europe, with direct flights to all major airports.

We are your real estate agent in Costa del Sol

You are very welcome to visit us! We believe in good customer care, honesty and good business practices. 

Mäklarringen Costa del Sol – a safe choice when it comes to buying property abroad!


The Spanish Costa del Sol on the Andalusian Coast

Small marinas, beachfront promenades, golf courses, picturesque white-washed mountain villages, green areas and parks, beautiful beaches, sights and a large range of bars and restaurants – Benalmádena is a municipality of the Costa del Sol offering everything you could ever want when buying property abroad!

The small town of Arroyo de la Miel, which is a stop on the train line from the airport, is a vibrant middle point. It's a place where the Spanish life is underway all year round and where you can easily find fresh fruit and vegetables, butchers, cobblers, hardware stores and genuine tapas bars. Along the coast line you'll find a host of beautiful areas that are close to the sea and the beach, offering green urban areas with a wide range of different properties. You'll find everything from good value apartments through to more expensive luxury villas when you are buying property in Benalmádena.

World class gastronomy with fantastic sea views

The little harbour of Puerto Marina is almost like a little town centre in its own right, with a vibrant night life and an array of cosy cafés, bars and boutique shops. Parque de la Paloma is a green oasis and the largest park on the Costa del Sol – just perfect for playing, picnics and walks!

We are your real estate agent in Benalmádena

Benalmádena Pueblo is a more classic Andalusian white-washed town which offers world class gastronomy on its cosy, winding, car-free streets and impressive panoramic views over the Mediterranean. In Benalmádena, you are never more than a 15 minute car journey away from the airport and there are generally great bus and train connections, making it easy for you to explore the coast!

If you want to buy property in Benalmádena – then welcome to Mäklarringen! We will help you make your dreams a reality.

You can reach us by calling  0034-952493235 or by sending an email to


Estepona – the perfect town

Things are happening in Estepona. The phrase on everyone's lips is "up-and-coming" – it's a rising star. The stretch between San Pedro and Estepona has not been given the name The New Golden Mile for no good reason. This is the place where many want to buy property.

Many interesting property developments in contemporary styles, a large range of golf courses, many well-known beach clubs, beautiful mountains and views of Gibraltar and the African mountain range – all of these factors combined are the reason why many investors are setting their sights on Estepona. The biggest selling point, though, is the town itself, which immediately makes you feel at ease.

Estepona is a town free from hustle and bustle

Estepona is quite simply a perfect town. The temperature, the atmosphere and the range of activities on offer are all just right. You have everything you need to live well, without stress and without too much hustle and bustle. Over the last few years the town has expanded its cultural offerings, with several new museums and impressive murals arriving in town, and not to mention the largest Orchidarium (Botanic Gardens) in Europe – the jewel in the crown of the municipality's plan to transform itself into the garden town of the Costa del Sol. The old town is full of outdoor cafés and bars along pedestrian streets lined by white-washed houses that are adorned with lush flower baskets. The several kilometre long beachfront promenade offers a natural quality of life, several parks, Spanish  "chiringuito" restaurants and salt water baths! In the harbour you will find fishermen selling the catch of the day and there is a bigger market every Sunday, offering tranquil views of the gently rocking boats and a place where you can enjoy an English pint all year round, or a sumptuous plate of "calamares fritos". Estepona offers the perfect balance of tranquillity and vibrancy in just the right quantities, making it the perfect place for anyone looking to buy property abroad!

Marbella – the bustling centre of the Costa del Sol

It's hard to deny that Marbella is the bustling centre of the Costal Del Sol – historically known for its luxury, jetset celebrity lifestyle and glamour, and with Puerto Banús close by as an epicentre for vanity. Marbella is coveted by many who want to buy property abroad.

The nightlife, with its internationally known beach clubs and well-renowned restaurants, continues to attract many visitors to Marbella. Today, however, it is primarily the gorgeous nature, golf clubs and cosmopolitan social life together with the more down-to-earth authentic Spanish aspects of the area which draw people to Marbella and its surroundings. With its old town full of winding streets and alleys, its boutique shops, romantic restaurants and beachfront promenade (which now stretches all the way across the Golden Mile down to the town of San Pedro) Marbella offers a charm that is hard to resist. Just north of Puerto Banús is Nueva Andalucía, also known as the Golf Valley, with many beautiful urban developments. This area also boasts one of the Costa del Sol's Swedish schools, which offers classes up to year six.

A favourite among Swedes in Marbella

The area to the east of Marbella consists of residential developments and golf courses and, not least, the small harbour of Cabopino, which is surrounded by the protected natural areas of Las Dunas de Artola and Elviria and their uniquely beautiful Mediterranean pine forests. After Nueva Andalucía, San Pedro de Alcántara is an absolute favourite among Swedes in Marbella. It is here that many Swedish natives buy properties. With its relatively new tunnel, its new modern boulevards, the nicest beachfront promenade on the coast, modern new-builds close to the water and its gorgeous old town, San Pedro is hard to beat. Marbella is home to the largest hospital on the coast, a buzzing professional community and several annual events featuring world class artists. The Starlite summer festival is particularly well-known.

We are your real estate agent in Estepona – Marbella

We are your real estate agent in Estepona – Marbella and we are happy to chat with you about living abroad¡ You can visit us at Av de España 95 Plaza Caparrós in Estepona or give us a call on 0034-952936533.


Spain's sunny southern coast attracts visitors all year round

The Costa del Sol attracts thousands of tourists each year. This is perhaps not surprising when you consider that it offers around 300 days of sunshine a year. Add to that the warm Mediterranean climate and success is guaranteed. It is right here that many Swedes choose to buy properties abroad!

The Costal del Sol is the part of the Andalusian coastline that stretches from Nerja in the east across to Manilva in the west – that's a stretch of around 200 kilometres. On the Costa del Sol you can find everything from long sandy beaches through to cliffs and small bays to take a dip in. Beyond its beach life, the Costa del Sol is also a mecca for golfers, with its huge range of varied golf courses.

Nerja – a pure and untouched pearl

Many visitors to Nerja tend to remark on how clean, orderly and undisturbed the town is. It's not overexploited like many other places along the Costa del Sol, and is known for being genuine and beautiful. The locals have a reputation for being extremely welcoming and friendly and many take the time to stop for a chat or help visitors with directions.

You will find plenty of culture, history and exciting attractions in the area. Granada is only a few hours away, for example. If you want to experience old and authentic Spain, simply take yourself up to one of the small towns in the mountains, which offer much more than just breath-taking views.

We are your real estate agent in Nerja

You are very welcome to visit us! We believe in good customer care, honesty and good business practices. You can reach us over the phone by calling 08+519 701 23 or visit us at Avda. de Pescia 13, Local Bajo B in Nerja or at Bulevar de la Cala, Local 30 in Mijas Costa, Málaga.

Mäklarringen Nerja – a safe choice when it comes to buying property abroad!


Mijas – the largest municipality on the Costa del Sol

On the surface, Mijas is the largest municipality on the Costal del Sol and it offers a wide interior with many international golf courses, plenty of horse farms and beautiful hiking trails. Las Lagunas is the most authentically Spanish part of the area and it blends together with the town of Fuengirola. Jon the gold rush and buy your property abroad here!

Mijas Pueblo is a beautiful, white-washed town somewhat up in the mountains with unbeatable views over both the sea and the lush green surroundings. La Cala de Mijas and Mijas Costa offer some of the most popular areas for Swedes, such as El Faro de Calaburras, Chaparall, Miraflores, Riviera del Sol and Calahonda. The range of both new-builds and older constructions is huge and there are many local centres, meaning you are always guaranteed to be close to a handful of bars and restaurants no matter where you find yourself. A smart choice if you are thinking about buying property abroad.

Long sandy beaches that stretch out into the horizon

The municipality of Mijas is a pioneer when it comes to constructing beachfront promenades between its coastal towns. Almost 100% of its coastline is covered by a beautiful and unique promenade that just breathes quality of life in the true sense of the term, for both pedestrians and cyclists. The charming little fishing village of La Cala de Mijas offers a relaxed atmosphere which mixes Spanish and international ambiences, old weathered village houses and the latest in design and modern architecture – all within walking distance of the centre with its cosy restaurants, and not to mention the several kilometre long sandy beach.

Fuengirola – the little city with an international flair

Fuengirola is a small city whose biggest attractions include a seven-kilometre long sandy beach, a small boat harbour, beautiful sandy beaches and a host of restaurants offering both international fare and traditional Spanish fish and seafood of the highest quality

In Fuengirola you can find the Church of Sweden and the largest Swedish school abroad, which offers Swedish-language education from preschool up to upper secondary level. It is also easy to find Swedish-speaking dentists, craftspeople and grocers in the town. At the same time, Fuengirola is also a very Spanish town with an international flair. It is easy to reach by train from the airport and the city of Málaga, and it is connected to Marbella by good bus links. Among the taller buildings with fantastic sea views you will also find older town houses with an authentic feel and parts of town that are built in the traditional Andalusian style.

A great mix of beating pulse and tranquillity

Central Fuengirola and Los Boliches are areas where Spaniards, Scandinavians, Brits and other northern Europeans coexist and enjoy a buzzing street life where it is truly high season all year round, with a beating pulse that suits all ages. Things are a little calmer in the areas of Torreblanca and Carvajal, which offer excellent restaurants and good train connections. Nothing is ever out of reach in Fuengirola – life is comfortable and never boring, with many opportunities to enjoy excellent shopping, authentic markets spread across the week and numerous food, culture and music festivals throughout the year.

We are your real estate agent in Mijas - Fuengirola

If you want to come and talk about buying property abroad with us, then you are welcome to visit our office at Bulevar de la Cala, Local 30 on Mijas Costa or give us a call on 0034-952493235.

You are very welcome to visit us at Mäklarringen in Mijas – Fuengirola!


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