Calpe, a charming coastal town in the Spanish province of Alicante, is famous for its stunning Mediterranean beaches. Nestled on the Costa Blanca, Calpe is a beach lover's paradise, with crystal clear waters, golden sands and a multitude of water activities.

It has a total of 14 beaches and coves, each offering a unique experience. From long sandy beaches to secluded rocky coves, there is a wide variety of coastal locations to
explore and enjoy in this beautiful Costa Blanca town.

Regardless of what you are looking for, whether you are looking for bustling beaches with a multitude of services or quieter, hidden beaches, perfect for snorkelling and
relaxing, Calpe's varied coastline has something for everyone.

No matter if you are looking for relaxation or adventure, Calpe's beaches offer something for everyone. Here, we explore the top five beaches in Calpe and why they deserve a place on your summer itinerary.

1. La Fossa Beach (Levante Beach)

General information about the beach

Playa de la Fossa, also known as Playa de Levante, is one of Calpe's most popular beaches. At over 950 metres, this beach offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and modern amenities, making it ideal for families, couples and solo travellers alike.


• Blue Flag: Recognised for its high environmental and quality standards.
• Golden sands: Fine, soft sand perfect for sunbathing and playing on the beach.
• Crystal clear waters: Ideal for swimming and snorkelling as they offer excellent visibility.
• Promenade: Lined with bars, restaurants and shops, the promenade is perfect for a leisurely stroll.
• Water sports: Opportunities for jet skiing, paddle boarding and kayaking.

Why it's the best

• Family friendly: Shallow waters and lifeguard services make it safe for children.
• Accessibility: Easily accessible, with plenty of parking and facilities for people with disabilities.
• Lively atmosphere: A lively place with a mix of tourists and locals, especially in the summer months.

2. Arenal-Bol beach

General information about the beach

Playa del Arenal-Bol is another jewel in Calpe's crown, located close to the town centre. This long beach is known for its urban atmosphere, making it a favourite with locals and visitors alike.


• Urban Convenience: Proximity to the city centre means easy access to shops, cafes and services.

• Cleanliness: Regular maintenance to ensure pristine conditions.

• Long stretch of sand: More than 1,200 metres of fine, golden sand.

• Calm waters: Gentle waves make it perfect for swimming.

• Palm trees: Lined with palm trees, which provide natural shade and a tropical atmosphere.

Why it is the best

• Central location: Ideal for those who want to combine beach time with exploring the city.

• Wide range of facilities: Numerous facilities such as showers, toilets and rental services.

• Panoramic views: Breathtaking views of the iconic rock formation of the Peñon de Ifach.

3. Morelló Cove

General information about the beach

Cala del Morelló is a charming cove located close to the Peñón de Ifach. Smaller and more secluded than the main beaches, it offers a quiet retreat for those looking to escape the crowds.


• Secluded cove: Offers a more private and tranquil experience.

• Historical Interest: Roman baths add a unique cultural element.

• Rocky and sandy areas: A mix of sand and rock, perfect for snorkelling and exploring marine life.

• Crystal clear waters: Exceptional clarity for underwater photography.

Why it's the best

• Tranquillity: Less crowded, providing a serene environment.

• Snorkeller's paradise: Rich marine life thanks to the rocky seabed.

• Cultural sites: Proximity to ancient Roman ruins adds historical intrigue.

4. Cantal Roig Beach

General information about the beach

Playa Cantal Roig is a small but picturesque beach located near the fishing port. It is known for its relaxed atmosphere and excellent seafood restaurants.


• Proximity to the fishing port: Fresh seafood restaurants nearby, offering delicious local cuisine.

• Calm, crystal clear waters: Perfect for families with young children.

• Sheltered location: Protected from strong winds, making it ideal for sunbathing.

• Fishing views: Watch the local fishermen bring in their daily catch.

Why it's the best

• Gourmet experience: Combine beach time with culinary delights.

• Safe for children: Shallow waters and gentle surf.

• Local charm: Authentic fishing village atmosphere.

5. La Manzanera Cove

General information about the beach

Cala La Manzanera is a hidden gem, known for its spectacular cliffs and natural beauty. It is a favourite among locals and adventurous travellers.


• Spectacular scenery: Surrounded by cliffs and unique rock formations.

• Secluded setting: Less commercial and more private.

• Crystal clear waters: Perfect for snorkelling.

• Natural pools: Formed by rock formations, they create unique swimming spots.

Why it's the best

• Adventurous spirit: Ideal for those who love exploration and off-the-beaten-path places.

• Natural beauty: Unspoilt and pristine environment.

• Dive spot: Excellent visibility and diverse marine life.

Buying a house in Calpe - Enjoy the beach all year round

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves crashing against the shore, with the warm Mediterranean sun greeting you every morning.

Owning a home near these stunning Calpe beaches allows you to enjoy this idyllic lifestyle all year round. Whether it's the vibrant atmosphere of Playa de la Fossa, the urban comfort of Playa del Arenal-Bol, the tranquillity of Cala del Morelló, the local charm of Playa Cantal Roig, or the adventurous spirit of Cala La Manzanera, owning a property nearby means endless beach days, spectacular sunsets, and a mild climate that is perfect for year-round outdoor activities.

At Mäklarringen Calpe, we specialise in finding the perfect property to suit your needs and preferences. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you discover the best homes in prime locations, ensuring that you can fully enjoy the coastal lifestyle that Calpe has to offer. Let us guide you in making your dream of owning a beachside home in Calpe a reality.

So pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and get ready to explore Calpe's best beaches. Your perfect summer getaway awaits you in this Mediterranean paradise.

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